About Us

Bombay Bazaar was founded in 1999 and is 100% New Zealand owned. We’ve been serving the Auckland community for many years from many different locations and are now based at 3B/163 Stoddard Road, Mt Roskill.

Bombay Bazaar provides quality goods for homes and restaurants as well as catering supplies. We also stock heavy duty special items used in restaurants and functions like weddings and parties.

We also have a large variety of domestic kitchen items for your home. Our extensive range of products includes:

● Pots
● Plates
● Trays
● Basins
● Strainers and Colanders
● Frying pans
● Wok
● Kadhai
● Pressure Cookers
● Mixers
● Blenders
● Grinders
● Chafing Dishes
● All kinds of Tawas for Roti/Chapati/Parata/Dosa
● Utensils
● Casserole trays
● Masala Dabbas
● Puri Dabbas
● Idli Trays and Cookers
● Appam
● String Hoppers
● Puttu Makers
● Tiffins
● And more!

We also specialize in Pooja items such as:

● Temples
● Bajots
● Patlas
● God Idols/ Statues
● Copper and Brass Lota
● Thali and Diya
● Chunris
● God Vastra
● Pooja Ashan
● Pandit daan
● And more!

Alongside our other products we also have a wide range of ethnic Indian wear for men, women and children. All our products are directly imported from trusted overseas suppliers to ensure authenticity. We take pride in providing excellent goods combined with excellent customer service. You can contact us here on our website or by post at: Privacy Officer, BMK Investments (NZ) Limited, PO Box 57075, Mt Roskill, Auckland 1041.

Bombay Bazaar